Hey Trisopic, Why You No Make Plugin?

So it’s been a while since I posted much – I’ve been caught up in a horrible rewrite of the monitoring plugin for a while, and have had a new version of the graphs plugin “under test” (i.e. running on my home PCs great) for… well, let’s just say longer than testing really needs. Maybe you’ve been wondering why I’ve not been saying much though? Well, this is the reason: my new daughter Madeleine.

Maddy is now almost 6 weeks old and doing very well.  I hope SR forgives me posting this here, but he did set the precedent a year ago…


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  1. Congratulation to yours ! Nice one ! ( the best plugins possible ^^)

  2. congrats Trisopic 😉

  3. You Da Man! <3

  4. That is awesome, thanks for sharing. Family first! I appreciate all the work you and SirReal have done on this tool.

  5. Uhm. I sent the files. Did you get them?

  6. Wow. Wrong place to post that.

  7. I’m not good at the Internet.

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