LCDHost Alpha 31

A quick release to address some of the problems reported on the forums for alpha 30. As always, backup your layouts.

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.31:

  • Fix save and restore of ‘check for update’ and ‘dont show welcome’ settings
  • Fix shortcut working directory on Windows
  • Include Qt5MultimediaWidgets DLL on Windows
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  1. Hey, great plugin, been using since december 2011 and never got to thank you, without this the G19 is a brick 😛 But I can’t manage to use any version since 0.26, every version since then just crashes as soon as I start.


    • Most of the A26 bugs are gone now, and I recommend you try A31. Make sure to take a backup of your layouts first. Then uninstall LCDHost, manually remove anything left in the installation directory, and install the latest version. Finally, copy your layouts backups back into place.

  2. Luc Bessons

    I use your plugin from some years with satisfaction, but after last update to A31 my computer hangs for 1/4 second every 5 seconds… i mean, audio, video and input stop for a while and restart, 5 second and again, and again, and again ..
    What you think about it ? i’m sure is LCDHost cause if i shut down the software, the computer work fine, i use Teamspeak while palying with dota2 and it work fine with lcdhost closed.
    Tankyou for your beatifull and fully customizzable product.

    • A31 is quite old. Did you mean A35? If so, try disabling all the LCDHost plugins and see if the problem goes away, and then re-enable them one by one until you find the troublemaker and let me know which (if any).

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