LCDHost Alpha 29

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.29:

  • Fixed degree symbols
  • Set Eos layout default application to HWiNFO

Note that monitoring needs to be customized per-machine, but the installed default layouts are read-only.
You’ll need to make a copy of the layouts/g19-eos directory and modify that. And keep backups of your layouts,
preferably outside of the LCDHost installation folder. I’m going to start having the default Eos layout customized for
my own machine simply so I can more easily spot things like that degree symbol bug.

I’m having problems reproducing the data linking failure from the “Extended Function Area/Output” in Eos.
If you can get it to happen, please let me know how. Also, if you used to see that bug and it’s now
gone, let me know that too.

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  1. Is there any step-by-step instruction, how to modify the g19-eos? On a fresh Installation? I don’t get it: i install a program new and the first thing is a crash. Sorry for the bad english, i am from germany.

  2. WRT the Extended Function Area/Output problem in custom Eos layouts, refer to my post here:

    As it says there i think there might be an issue with the “Extended Function Area/Output” line

    It seems to be triggered by changing the custom Eos layout slightly and saving then reloading the program

  3. I’m using MSI Aferburner with LCDHost to monitor my framerate in games (cannot use Fraps since it is not SweetFX frendly), but since this version of LCDHost I am unable to change the minimum and maximum values in LH_Monitoring/MonitoringBar, they’re stuck at 0 (min) and 200 (max). I’ve been using 60 in maximum value in LCDHost Alpha 25 and it worked very well, why can’t I choose anymore ?

  4. I’ve got the problem as well!
    Can’t set maximum of the MSI Afterburner Plugin.

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