LCDHost Alpha 21

Alpha 21 is out for both Windows and OS/X. If you’re on the same side of the international date line as me, the autoupdater will handle things for you. If not, download it manually from the homepage.

  • Refix polling interval limit and warning
  • Update all objects lh_systemstate on device change
  • Rerender text on font style strategy change
  • LH_Cursor: Working on multiple cursor in one layout using linking (WIP)
  • LH_Dial: XML data files now don’t require a data map: they’re XML – the mappiest text there is.
  • LH_DataViewer: Added XML data support
  • LH_DataViewer: Added memory extraction code to support pulling data out of a game directly.
  • LH_DataViewer: Added attribute handling to the XML parser
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  1. Thank you for the best App

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