Drive me crazy

Another new plugin, LH_DriveStats, is now available. This plugin allows LCDHost to display several bits of data about your local drives, such as Free/Used/Total space and the number of reads/writes per second. It even sports a new pie chart object for the disk space. No pics for this one as I’m not artistic enough to make disk drives statistics look sexy.

Get it here

(Team) Speak up!

Yes, with A21 comes TeamSpeak 3 integration. Due to the impact of a certain baby (naming no names – he knows who he is… well ok, he doesn’t as his sense of self won’t have developed yet), SirReal and I weren’t able coordinate this release as well as we usually do so you’ll have to download it seperately and add it to your plugins folder by hand. There’s also an updated Eos that reacts to launching TS3 by hiding the 5-day weather and big clock and looking like this.

LH_TS3 features:

  • Show your connection status
  • Show the names of who is talking
  • Show your speaker and microphone mute ┬ástates
  • Show your connected username
  • Show your connected channel
  • A few other neat tricks…
Get it here

LCDHost Alpha 21

Alpha 21 is out for both Windows and OS/X. If you’re on the same side of the international date line as me, the autoupdater will handle things for you. If not, download it manually from the homepage.

  • Refix polling interval limit and warning
  • Update all objects lh_systemstate on device change
  • Rerender text on font style strategy change
  • LH_Cursor: Working on multiple cursor in one layout using linking (WIP)
  • LH_Dial: XML data files now don’t require a data map: they’re XML – the mappiest text there is.
  • LH_DataViewer: Added XML data support
  • LH_DataViewer: Added memory extraction code to support pulling data out of a game directly.
  • LH_DataViewer: Added attribute handling to the XML parser

So what have I been doing?

Besides supporting Triscopic and hacking on the next version on LCDHost, I’m also now a dad for the third time. My two daughters now have a little brother:

LCDHost Alpha 20

Hopefully A20 brings it back to the same level as A18 was. I’m really starting to appreciate the mercurial repository now. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but now it’s quite easy to maintain the LCDHost plugin API5 version you’re all using while hacking on the dev code. I just wish I had named the branch API5 rather than A19.

  • Installed layouts are set read-only, as they are removed on uninstall
  • Add warning on failed layout save
  • Refuse https download URLs, change them into http ones
  • Refix no antialiasing bug

The autoupdater should already be active for Windows, OS/X to follow soon.