Hey Trisopic, Why You No Make Plugin?

So it’s been a while since I posted much – I’ve been caught up in a horrible rewrite of the monitoring plugin for a while, and have had a new version of the graphs plugin “under test” (i.e. running on my home PCs great) for… well, let’s just say longer than testing really needs. Maybe you’ve been wondering why I’ve not been saying much though? Well, this is the reason: my new daughter Madeleine.

Maddy is now almost 6 weeks old and doing very well.  I hope SR forgives me posting this here, but he did set the precedent a year ago…


LCDHost Alpha 25

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 25:

  • Removed time limit since the autoupdater is working well
  • Use QNetworkProxyFactory::setUseSystemConfiguration()
  • Fixed welcome box centering on multimonitor setups
  • Refresh output device list on device removal
  • Only warn about old link styles on first occurence
  • Hopefully fixed the nonpropagation of linked items at initial load
  • LH_Lg160x43: Dont use HID path as persistent device ID
  • LH_Lg160x43: Refresh device list every 2 seconds
  • LH_Lg160x43: Fixed G13/G15 I/O with the new hidapi
  • LH_Lg320x240: Fixed G19 I/O with the new libusb
  • LH_DataViewer: Basic functionality available on OS/X
  • layouts/g19-eos/Eos.xml: Fixed TS3 monitoring links

Use the autoupdater or download manually from the homepage.

LCDHost Alpha 24

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 24:

  • Updated Qt to 4.8.1
  • Updated bundled libusb library
  • Updated bundled hidapi library
  • setLink() warns when old link syntax is used, sets NOSAVE for links
  • Removed workaround for QTBUG-17890
  • Removed workaround for QTBUG-6073
  • LH_Mailcount: Corrected include path for LH_Text.h
  • LH_Lg320x240: Thread joining reworked
  • LH_LgLcdMan: Thread joining reworked
  • LH_WebKit/WebKit_Server: Show message while waiting for worker thread to stop

If the autoupdater fails, you can get it from the LCDHost homepage

LCDHost Alpha 23

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 23:

  • Link UI has been reworked
  • Connect links on item creation
  • Debug dialog has been reworked
  • Don’t submit render ops for invisible items
  • Resize instance to image size when the layout and plugin both want default sizes
  • Accept layout to load as command line argument
  • Added systray context menu
  • Show welcome dialog centered and correctly sized
  • Switching an instance from invisible to visible triggers a new render
  • Added tooltip to data link button showing current subscription
  • Don’t pre-render text if state() isn’t available
  • LH_Weather: Moved to data linking for inter-object comms
  • LH_DataViewer: Minor fix for reading multi-step memory pointers
  • LH_Cursor: Fixed selection not applying on layout load. Added global favourite layout trigger
  • LH_Monitoring: Updated HWiNFO to API3, fixed bug in graph
  • LH_Monitoring: fix bug in monitoring graphs & Ymax/Ymin
  • LH_DataViewer: Added reading text values from memory, misc bug fixes
  • LH_DriveStats: Fixed minor units bug
  • LH_Dial: fixed tick marks, added tick colours
  • LH_NowPlaying: Added ability to disable certain players if desired
  • LH_Text: Added support for week numbers using ww or w for week number with & without a leading zero respectively.
  • LH_Monitoring: Afterburner code fixed for non-game fps being float max
  • LH_Weather: Fixed bug in day/night detection
Get it from the LCDHost homepage.

LCDHost Alpha 22

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 22:

  • DistPlugin won’t halt if the file is already uploaded to googlecode
  • Save and load data links properly
  • Data links UI now correctly reflects link state
  • LH_Backlight: Now updates device backlight color on link data change
  • LH_Weather: Translations are back, but they are manual now (Google Translate is now a paid service)
  • LH_NowPlaying: Several Fixes, Added Status Images & Ratings
  • LH_Monitoring: Major overhaul
  • LH_Logic: Added the LogicBox plugin
  • LH_Cursor: Major overhaul
  • LH_Dial: Multiple Fixes
  • LH_DriveStats: Text objects can now have fixed units
  • LH_LCoreReboot: Can now restart LCore if it has been closed already
Get it from the LCDHost homepage.