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Drive me crazy

Another new plugin, LH_DriveStats, is now available. This plugin allows LCDHost to display several bits of data about your local drives, such as Free/Used/Total space and the number of reads/writes per second. It even sports a new pie chart object for the disk space. No pics for this one as I’m not artistic enough to […]

(Team) Speak up!

Yes, with A21 comes TeamSpeak 3 integration. Due to the impact of a certain baby (naming no names – he knows who he is… well ok, he doesn’t as his sense of self won’t have developed yet), SirReal and I weren’t able coordinate this release as well as we usually do so you’ll have to […]

So what have I been doing?

Besides supporting Triscopic and hacking on the next version on LCDHost, I’m also now a dad for the third time. My two daughters now have a little brother:

Forum downtime

I apologize for the forum downtime. I foolishly made a configuration change right before going on a military exercise for four days. Now excuse me while I go bash myself in the forehead with a wooden plank.

Late as usual.

Yes, I know it’s starting to expire… me and Triscopic are working furiously to get a new one out ASAP. Stay tuned.