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LCDSirReal 2.8.4 released

As a side effect of researching how to access the G13/G15 (Z10/G510) hardware on Linux and OS/X, I’ve implemented direct hardware access to those devices in LCDSirReal 2.8.4. If the Logitech software isn’t installed or running (or if it crashes), LCDSirReal will access the LCD directly. In addition, the G-keys will be translated into different […]

LCDSirReal 2.8.3

LCDSirReal, or SirReal’s multipurpose G15 plugin, is a plugin for the Logitech G13/G15 gaming keyboards. It will also work on the G19, in black and white. It provides more features than all of the Logitech bundled plugins together, while using much less CPU and memory. Written entirely in C++, it’s very stable and efficient. Among […]