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LCDHost Alpha 21

Alpha 21 is out for both Windows and OS/X. If you’re on the same side of the international date line as me, the autoupdater will handle things for you. If not, download it manually from the homepage. Refix polling interval limit and warning Update all objects lh_systemstate on device change Rerender text on font style […]

LCDHost Alpha 20

Hopefully A20 brings it back to the same level as A18 was. I’m really starting to appreciate the mercurial repository now. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but now it’s quite easy to maintain the LCDHost plugin API5 version you’re all using while hacking on the dev code. I just wish […]

LCDHost Alpha 19

The development version of LCDHost isn’t yet ready to be released, so to avoid A18 from timing out I’m re-releasing it as A19 (with some minor tweaks). For those looking at the source repo, there’s now an A19 branch which will let you pull this particular state of the repository. Windows A19 is already up […]

LCDHost Alpha 18

A quick release to fix the most glaring bugs in A17. Limit polling to 60Hz (up from 40), don’t warn on limiting. Text objects now default to anti-aliasing. Text objects now default to their A16 sizes. This time the autoupdater should handle things just fine. Or, get it from the LCDHost homepage.

LCDHost Alpha 17

For anyone new to LCDHost, LCDHost is a compositing plugin manager for LCD’s. It’s primarily targeted towards the Logitech G19, but it will work with the G13 and G15 too. Although A16 introduced auto-updating, because of the huge amounts of restructuring we’ve been coding right up to the wire. That means the A16 will have expired […]