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If you know what you’re looking for, there’s a menu on the right. If you came here looking for plugins for your Logitech keyboard, be it a G13, G15, G510 or the flagship G19, you’ve come to the right place. For the monochrome G13, G15 and G510, try LCDSirReal. For the G19 (and possibly the SpacePilot Pro), try LCDHost.

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LCDHost is now open-source

After requests, deliberations, volunteers, refactoring and scrubbing, LCDHost now lives on github.

Licensing is mixed – the plugins will keep their previous license (usually BSD) but the main program and support libraries will be GPLv3. One notable exception is that the packaging system is not there, as it requires too many secrets (passwords, key pairs and the like) to work properly.

I’ll review pull requests as they come in and package it up when needed. Other people will of course be free to simply fork it and package it themselves if they want (although this always comes with a risk of community fragmentation).

LCDHost Alpha 37

Just a quick fix to remove the LH_Graph crash in A36.

LCDHost Alpha 36

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.36:

  • Added LCDHost platform to the About box
  • Update plugin error messages when reloading
  • Remove output devices that fail to open() cleanly
  • Serialize plugin shutdown and helper threads
  • Kill HID timer before stopping HIDAPI
  • Unify exit code for OSX dock menu
  • Data linking propagation fixes
  • Improved –hidden and systray handling, especially on Linux
  • Race condition in CPU load calculations could return -NAN at startup
  • LH_LgLcdMan: allow both 32 and 64 bit linking
  • LH_LCoreReboot: rewritten so it no longer requires admin privileges
  • LH_Lg320x240: tweak error message delivery
  • LH_DriveStats: added free/used size percentage
  • LH_LgBacklight now polls connected devices for backlight changes
  • LH_Monitoring: fixed automatic units
  • LH_Monitoring: support for FRAPS 64-bits
  • LH_Text: added network total received/sent count

Always back-up your layouts before updating.

LCDHost Alpha 35

Please note that both Windows and Linux versions are now 64-bit. The auto-updater will not notify a 32-bit user about a 64-bit version, so changing from 32 to 64-bit versions will require you to manually download a copy.

The changes required to allow Qt 5.2.1 to be used required extensive refactoring, so keep a copy of LCDHost Alpha 34 in case this version breaks your layouts or crashes.

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.35:

  • Added --disable-systray and --enable-systray to allow overriding
    the default platform setting (enabled on Windows/Mac, disabled on Linux)
  • Updated to Qt 5.2.1
  • Windows version is now 64-bit, compiled with VS2012
  • Linux version is again 64-bit, built on Debian 7.1
  • Removed dependency on OpenSSL
  • Double-clicking the system tray icon restores the main window
  • Fixed drive listing in LH_DriveStats
  • Fixed LH_Bar trying to open nonexistant image files
  • Fixed LH_LogicBox attempting to hide itself before initialized
  • Fixed warning about memory information not being present on startup
  • Fixed RSS text trying to render itself before initialized
  • LH_WeatherData() had a constructor that did not initialize all members
  • Serialize plugin loading to prevent Qt font engine data races on OS/X

Always back-up your layouts before updating. If weather info doesn’t show properly, change the location setting for the LH_Weather plugin.

LCDSirReal codes delay

Sorry for the delay in sending you the donor codes. PayPal changed their protocols slightly, possibly in response to the Heartbleed bug. I expect they’ll start coming through during the day.