Into each life a little rain must fall…

..but at this particular time, it’s not. I’m on vacation with the kids at the family summer home near Norrk√∂ping, Sweden. I expect to be back to LCDHost hacking in a week.


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  1. GranoblasticMan

    Beautiful! And thanks for everything you’ve done so far with LCDHost!

  2. hi, could you please add an option for Centigrade and Miles-Per-hour in the weather app?
    At the moment, i am forced to use kilometres if i want centigrade, but if i want miles, i am forced to use Fahrenheit. Either way, i am forced to use a nonsense measurement. please add an option to mix it up a bit, it’s driving me crazy as i want Centigrade and miles, but i am denied by the little dropdown menu :(

    thanks for all your work, lcdhost rocks, and is all my G19 lcd displays :)

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