DNS problems.

My DNS provider is having some serious problems. Hopefully they’ll fix them soon. Or I’m switching providers. Again. Sigh…

Update: I’m switching DNS providers to Amazon’s Route 53. It’ll be a day before DNS propagation is complete though.

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  1. Yeah, the only way I’m able to access the site is using google’s dns server at Also checking hosttracker, it has only 12 servers out of 50 able to connect to your site… Here’s hoping it’s fixed soon!

  2. Yeah, I’ll probably switch to Amazon’s Route 53. Sucks to have downtime because of other peoples problems.

  3. On a completely unrelated note, I’m interested in a binary of the Mac OS X LCDHost, but can’t find your contact information anywhere on the site… Is it there somewhere, should I send a forum PM, or is this comment enough? 😛

  4. It’s enough. But the OS/X build completely lacks an installer, and has some serious framework issues with Qt. I’ll see if I can make a usable build. Running it from within Qt isn’t really a viable option for most users. 😛

  5. I’d be happy to do that, you did say it wasn’t suitable for public release yet 😉

    Also, the forum doesn’t even work with google dns, only way to get to it is using hosttracker again and copying the IP into the hosts file.

  6. OpenDNS’s servers are resolving your IP correctly if that’s any help. 🙂

    • I’m currently switching to Amazon’s Route 53. At least, if they f up, they’ll fix it as if it were costing them $$$$$++ per second. Which is probably would.

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