A14 is getting closer

I’m pretty much done adding new features, and I’m now just fixing bugs in it. Once it’s reasonably stable, I’ll release it. This is the current list of changes:

  • Dev: LH_QtPlugin.(cpp|h) split up into LH_QtPlugin and LH_QtInstance, project file modification needed.
  • Dev: Setup item help added, recompile needed.
  • Dev: SignLibrary argument ordering changes; use ‘SignLibrary -?’ for usage.
  • Fix: Detect Logitech Gaming Software version 7.
  • LH_Lua: Lua console output is now shown in a fixed-width font in the log.
  • LH_Lua: Changed how the callback token and ‘self’ table are handled.
  • LH_Lua: Added setup items support.
  • LH_Lua: Added Win32 font creation support for Lua Cairo.
  • LH_Lua: Added __pairs metamethod calling.
  • LH_Lua: One may now iterate over lcdhost.state and other LCDHost pseudo-tables.
  • LH_Lua: Added print_r.lua which provides the useful print_r() function.
  • LH_Lua: Added Lua binding libraries for some Qt DLL’s.

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