LCDHost Alpha 18

A quick release to fix the most glaring bugs in A17.

  • Limit polling to 60Hz (up from 40), don’t warn on limiting.
  • Text objects now default to anti-aliasing.
  • Text objects now default to their A16 sizes.

This time the autoupdater should handle things just fine. Or, get it from the LCDHost homepage.

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  1. It seems Autoupdater does not recognize the build 18 (coming from 17). Will update manually.

    • Yep, correct. I’ve fixed it in dev. I plan on releasing A19 shortly, I just want to add a long-awaited feature.

  2. Downloaded A18 the day I got my G19 (Tuesday, in fact). After loading the LGS8.0 and then A18, any game I proceeded to load simply crashed. After troubleshooting, it turns out that its your App causing the crashes 🙁 I’ve left my email addr, so let me know how I can troubleshoot this further so I can help you!


  3. I doubt LCDHost causes game crashes. It doesn’t interact with the games. At all. Anyhow, post your log on the forums and perhaps some more details on how you came to that conclusion.

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