LCDHost Alpha 13

For anyone new to LCDHost, LCDHost is a compositing plugin manager for LCD’s. It’s primarily targeted towards the Logitech G19, but it will work with the G13 and G15 too.

And as a birthday gift to me, Triscopic, SirReal has allowed me to announce the release of this new version.

Here is a list of some of the things that are new:

What’s new in LCDHost alpha 13:

  • Fix: Now base64 encodes binary data in the XML layout file.
  • Fix: Build device identifiers from USB HID/VID data rather than device file names.
  • Fix: Input subsystem has gotten a much-needed overhaul
  • Fix: Prevent RSS items from sending Open URL requests too fast.
  • Fix: Still showed garbage characters at end of program name in LCD Manager.
  • Fix: Sometimes when loading a layout, stored values would get mixed up between instances.
  • Fix: The System tab’s inbound and outbound network wasn’t in MBit.
  • Fix: Text now renders at 96 dpi no matter what the system default is.
  • Fix: Several minor fixes.
  • Some tweaks to how zooming and panning works in the Layout tab.
  • The textual network data rate now includes the unit (for example B/s or bit/s)
  • Bars can now use images instead of just gradient fills.
  • Bars can now use sliding alpha transparency to create tapered ends.
  • Ability for plugins to change the loaded layout (plugins to do this coming soon)
  • The obsolete plugins LH_QScript, LH_CPU and LH_Network have been removed.
  • The SignLibrary tool is now included in the distribution.
  • You can finally map the LCD keys as you would any others.
  • Triscopic’s Eos layout is now included.
  • Several of Triscopic’s excellent* plugins have been bundled.

(*Note that was written by SirReal, I’m not that immodest)

Download link on the LCDHost homepage.

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