LCDHost Alpha 31

A quick release to address some of the problems reported on the forums for alpha 30. As always, backup your layouts.

Whats new in LCDHost 0.0.31:

  • Fix save and restore of ‘check for update’ and ‘dont show welcome’ settings
  • Fix shortcut working directory on Windows
  • Include Qt5MultimediaWidgets DLL on Windows
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  1. Hey, great plugin, been using since december 2011 and never got to thank you, without this the G19 is a brick :P But I can’t manage to use any version since 0.26, every version since then just crashes as soon as I start.


    • Most of the A26 bugs are gone now, and I recommend you try A31. Make sure to take a backup of your layouts first. Then uninstall LCDHost, manually remove anything left in the installation directory, and install the latest version. Finally, copy your layouts backups back into place.

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