LCDHost Alpha 19

The development version of LCDHost isn’t yet ready to be released, so to avoid A18 from timing out I’m re-releasing it as A19 (with some minor tweaks). For those looking at the source repo, there’s now an A19 branch which will let you pull this particular state of the repository. Windows A19 is already up for download using the auto-updater, and as soon as I’ve packaged the OS/X, I’ll put that up as well and add the manual download links to the homepage.

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  1. I’m trying to purchase full version of LCDHost for my Logitech G19 but I can’t find any Paypal button on your site as explained in FAQ
    Please contact me as I’m tired to reinstall it every month 🙂

  2. You can’t while it’s in alpha. My FAQ page is kinda broken – it shows the same entries for both LCDSirReal and LCDHost. Gotta fix that sometime. LCDHost is free but time limited while it’s still in alpha stage.

  3. When can’t we get the full version with unlimited time ?

  4. I’ll overlook the obvious humorous answer to the double negative question. =)

    Truth is, I don’t know. “When it’s ready for beta”. Now that I’ve branched the codebase, it’s a lot easier for me to provide updates for the currently distributed version. Which means there shouldn’t be any more interruptions due to me not having enough time to polish the dev version before the alpha timer expires.

    I’m also thinking about a more streamlined update system that should be able to do application updates without user intervention (a’la Chrome).

  5. As time passes and fewer people will buy the G19 .. and the precious lcd host will be forgotten

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